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Holistic recruitment support that propels your organization to success

Our candidate sourcing solutions enrich you with hard-to-find talent so you can reach predefined goals, increase your fulfillment rate, and decrease your time to fill. No matter which industry you operate in, we’ll supply the right recruiters to help your team hire the best talent. Rest assured, our in-house, proven sourcing approach and techniques go unmatched.

Tailor-made sourcing and recruitment solutions

Instead of just supplying hordes of mismatched candidates to your database, we thoroughly get to know you, the client, before we even start sourcing. Our goal is to deliver truly bespoke sourcing solutions which is reflected in our commitment to our clients. Such that, our specialists integrate the necessary requirements within our sourcing model and execute the plan step by step to yield desired results.

What OnSpec Global Solutions is all about

As a leading sourcing agency, our goal is to help recruiters and companies in their quest to hire the right talent. Our state-of-the-art sourcing capabilities allow us to overcome traditional roadblocks and identify the right people for your database. Thus, we achieve this through attention to detail, tested strategies and a results-oriented module that always pays off.

We’re technology driven since day one

Finding the best candidates through a multitude of avenues is something we specialize in. However, we don’t just rely on the efforts of our experts to render effective solutions. Our winning strategies are backed by innovative technologies that refine our search and filter the pool of candidates so we can choose the ones perfect for you or your client’s organization.



We are a team of reliable specialists redefining sourcing to serve companies deployed in various sectors. Our approach to leadership is tried and tested, such that, our expertise brings you closer to leaders of the future the right way.



We source all day every day! Our carefully detailed sourcing strategy enables recruiters to add more viable candidates to their database. Ultimately, this broadens the pool of selection for companies in the modern era. After all, we source diligently and only focus on those worthy of to be placed in your pipeline.



Our robust screening program ensures that your list of candidates can be filtered down to only the best. We conduct a thorough and deep probing screening process whereby hundreds of potential candidates are evaluated before being added to the final list. Our teamdoes not compromise. From skills to experience, every aspect of the screening process is scrutinized seamlessly.



We help top recruiters in their search for promising talent through our technology driven services. We supply you with a skilled team of expert recruiters that are wholly dedicated to helping your recruitment team succeed. Our recruiters can be deployed to work with your internal recruitment team on ad hoc projects or can be retained monthly.



We dive deep into the background of each candidate you are considering for your organization. Our professionally trained team can assist checking on a candidate’s educational background,employment background, personal and social network, and listed references to confirm validity before you make an offer. This can be done as a standalone service or part of any of our sourcing packages.


Transparent sourcing techniques that yield results

With OnSpec Global Solutions, you can count on complete transparency at our end.

We keep our sourcing solutions wholly collaborative and affordable. In that, our sourcing techniques are both tried and tested. Over the years, we’ve served various clients both locally, regionally, and globally, enabling our position as a leading candidate sourcing agency today. It is safe to say, we don’t just deliver numbers, our efforts yield real measurable results that boost the objectives of your in-house hiring team.


"Upon the recommendation of a friend in the talent acquisition industry, I decided to hire OnSpecGlobal’s services. It proved to be a wonderful decision as they took a lot of time off my hands. My team and I hired three people because of them and I must say that they’re incredible."

- Lindsey Branson


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