When it comes to ensuring the integrity of our solutions, our experts exert a laser focus on reference checks for each of your recruits. We dive deep into the background of each candidate you are considering for your organization.  Our professionally trained team can assist checking on a candidate’s educational background, work history and previous employment background, and personal network or references to confirm validity before you make an offer. This can be done as a standalone service or part of any of our sourcing packages.

Investigative Research

Our goal is to make sure that the candidates we research are fully vetted which is why we spare no effort in assisting with background checks. These aren’t just limited to previous employment records. Rather, we take a deep dive into the candidate's professional life, social network, and education to discover important aspects of what they can and cannot bring to the table.

Verified approvals

We only approve candidates who clear our reference checks. Rest assured, you’ll never have to deal with prospective candidates who fail to substantiate their professional claims. Our strict policies ensure dual verification to separate the eligible.