Our detailed screening process ensures that the list of candidates you receive is the nearest possible match for your company. We use various criteria to assess the quality of hundreds of job applications, review each submission without compromising attention to detail and forwarding only those with promising potential. From skills to experience, every aspect of the screening process is scrutinized seamlessly.  Our screening services can be performed as an ad hoc service or as a part of a sourcing project for your organization.


Never succumb to manual recruitment redundancy, rely on our technology-driven hybrid business model instead. We use the latest tools and techniques along with the human touch to ensure that every project is performed to yield you with the best results in the shortest amount of time.  Our teams are properly armed and equipped with the right skill set to deliver you desired results.

Effective integration

With our professional capabilities, external recruiters and companies don’t have to worry about mismatched candidates. Our screening process is wholly tried and tested. Such that, we never put you through the ordeal of onboarding employees that aren’t the right fit.

Save costs

Tired of spending thousands but to no avail? With OnSpec Global Solutions, you will experience a significant reduction in your total hiring costs. We guarantee a supportive recruitment structure that makes your company’s hiring culture more resilient.  By partnering with us, you will see greater results with less costs than increasing headcount in-house. Some costs that can be mitigated by using our staff are:

  • Onboarding and training
  • Wage inflation and market competition
  • Large commissions and bonuses
  • Extended health and dental, and pension benefits
  • Possible future severance or litigation