OnSpec Global Solutions

By using a sourcing provider like OnSpec, your team will be more equipped to prioritize tasks and maximize the team’s effectiveness.

Our sourcing team and your recruiters can work together to create specialized and targeted searches for the candidates that you are looking for but are not able to find through traditional recruitment methods. OnSpec’s research team takes a grassroots approach to our searches ensuring that you are always getting the best candidates from the best companies.


OnSpec’s experienced and talented recruitment support and research teams will provide you with up to date, quality information about passive candidates including name, current title, phone number, direct line, mobile number, and email address.

In addition, the information provided is yours and you can keep it in your database for as long as you want. There are no hidden fees or charges. You purchase the information, and you own it.

We carefully analyze the sourcing criteria with our clients to ensure that our team sources the most qualified candidates in the shortest time frame. Our sourcing techniques are based on strict ideologies whereby we use a personalized approach every single time. Rest assured, the candidates we deliver are highly vetted to minimize selection and onboarding time.

Extensive network and resources

Our vast network is spread across the globe, enabling our access to channel a wide pool of talented individuals.  Our offices operate 24 hours a day, over three shifts, giving us the ability to deliver candidates’ information 24/7, helping our clients gain a clear advantage over their competitors.

Efficiency guaranteed

When you engage with us, you can leave the heavy lifting to our team of trained professionalsand focus on the more important tasks at hand. We take on the burden of candidate sourcing and provide you with daily updates throughout the project, so you always have a healthy talent pool to access.

Quality and Quantity

Need to hire as many employees as possible but not willing to compromise on the quality? With OnSpec Global Solutions, you’re guaranteed the best of both worlds. Our streamlined approach to candidate sourcing allows OnSpec to dig deep into markets and look under stones to find those hard to locate candidates that your team needs in order to fill open positions in a timely manner.