Frequently Asked Questions

At OnSpec Global Solutions, we recognize that each client is inherently unique which is why we don’t follow a traditional pricing format. Each of our services is customized and thus, the quote you receive will be equally adapted according to the extent of support you require.

If you’re a recruiter or a corporate organization looking for reliable candidates, our services can be of significant help. OnSpec Global Solutions offers streamlined sourcing capabilities that take the load off your hiring team, help you save time, and ensure measurable results.

Yes, absolutely! We’ve been sourcing candidates for clients in the IT sector for years. Rest assured,our dedicated team of analysts fully understand what is needed in candidates employed in a variety of roles in this industry.

Yes, we can break any part of the recruitment process down into increments.  Our specialists will assist you through the onboarding process to ensure that convenience and satisfaction are consistent for both candidates and employers.

We will put in place a sourcing team that specializes in your industry that will employ our signature sourcing techniques to help find the right candidates and ensure that your needs are adequately met. Needless to say, we never compromise quality for the sake of quantity.

Absolutely! We will provide you with a set of candidates to populate your database which you can leverage to meet current and future recruitment needs. All information gathered for your organization is yours to keep and use now or to use for projects to come.

We are local in service, but global in scope.  Although our Sourcing Analysts use local telephone numbers specific to our clients’ markets, the Analysts work out of our tech hub in Manila, Philippines.

Our team partners with our clients in a way that they become part of the clients’ teams and train on their in-house systems. To date, we have Analysts that have been trained on Bullhorn, Zoho, Bond Adapt, Big Biller, Salesforce, and a variety of in-house customized systems

We offer both ad hoc and retained research/candidate generation/recruitment support services that will include:

  • A dedicated analyst or a full recruitment team of dedicated analysts that you are able to communicate with directly;
  • Control over analyst and/or team of analysts to direct their search and selection efforts;
  • Daily result updates on candidate search and/or lead generation;
  • Guaranteed quick response time throughout the life of the project;
  • A guarantee on information accuracy. If the information we provide is incorrect, we replace that information at no extra charge.